Reimagine video calls with care.

The only AI-powered virtual meeting platform that measures real-time attention, emotion, and health data to drive conversations and outcomes.

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Using only the end-users camera. All data remains in the browser. 

Read emotions and attention of participants during a Zoom call

We bring behavioral analysis to virtual meetings.

Intimate one-on-one

Engaging video calls that are browser-based, with a 1-click join link, screen-sharing, note-taking, and chat.

Immersive connection

Transform any smartphone, tablet, or laptop into a video-based medical-grade sensor without wearables.

Actionable insight

Analyze facial expressions, emotions, and attention during video calls in a caring and more human way.

We do accessibility

Enabling inclusion with vibrant visuals, real-time speech transcription & translation into 12+ languages.

We value privacy

Transferring and safeguarding sensitive data with user consent and encryption, following HIPAA & GDPR.

We create success

Informing decisions and enriching collaboration through advanced analytics on conversational data.

For Those Who Care

Healthcare and personal
growth professionals

Improve health, well-being, and personal development outcomes. Enrich conversations by layering health and behavioral data into video calls.


Accessibility and inclusive businesses

Empower people with hearing disabilities or those debilitated by their struggle to read or express emotions and reactions in remote conversations.


enterprises and corporations

Enhance communication and care for peers, prospects, customers, and communities by reading body language during and after a virtual meeting.


We enable safe conversations that build connection, understanding, and impact.

Meet people where they are

Individuals want to join your meeting from any device, securely using a browser only, and it all starts with a 1-click secured link. 

A vibrant remote presence

People are looking for a partner who can meet their needs, and it feels a lot less distant through an inclusive experience.

Powerful outcomes

Communities want to be engaged, and impact is achieved through meetings analytics for better-informed decisions. 

What People Are Saying

"If people can't connect with you without visiting you, you are not open for business. helps with that. The platform is inclusive, safe, and very user-friendly. You can see emotional states through a screen."

Zoe T., PhDZoe T., PhDLife Coach

"Using enables to grow private clinics and offer telehealth services to remote clients. I am endlessly impressed with their innovation in health data measurement. I would recommend it to any practicing clinician."

Dr. Lin T.Dr. Lin T.Clinical Psychologist

"We can now meet with our prospects while gauging their level of interest. Behavioral data allows them to freely share how they feel about our services from a safe place. This creates greater flexibility in personalizing our offer!"

Cecile D.Cecile D.Founder & CEO, Food Industry

How it works. seamlessly integrates breakthrough neuroscience, computer vision, machine learning, and mathematics to measure indicators for attention level, emotional responses, well-being state, and biomarkers from a video stream of exposed skin on the surface of a human face.

Secure and private, forever. loads GDPR/HIPAA-proofed facial coding engines inside the user's browser upon explicit user consent. All facial data is processed anonymously on the user side in the browser and immediately destroyed. Therefore, the original photo never leaves the user's computer. The user has knowledge about what is being shared with other participants at all times and can revoke sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

We feel so disconnected because what we have gained in convenience, we have lost in compassion. helps you recognize and better respond to others' attention, interest, stress level, pain, fear, and other emotions throughout a remote conversation to improve your connection with them and inform your decisions.

What happens with my behavioral and health data?Facial data is processed inside the browser and never leaves your device. requires facial landmark positions and the intensity of optical light reflected on your skin only. The calculated health and behavioral metrics are anonymized and encrypted with GDPR/HIPAA-grade technology before traveling to the other user's browser. Metrics are computed and shared only upon the user's approval. The user can revoke data sharing anytime during the meeting.

Can the meeting's host track my emotions without my consent?No. is the only platform that enforces privacy over behavioral and health data. Therefore, it is not technically possible for the meeting host to silently track your facial expressions, without your knowing. There is a built-in feature that allows any participant to see precisely which metrics are being tracked, shared, and their current values. You always know what the host knows about you, and you can choose to stop sharing your data during the meeting. engine will immediately stop tracking your facial expressions, emotion, attention, or any other health and behavioral data.

How accurate are the health and behavioral metrics?Highly accurate for non-emergency and non-medical use. integrates facial coding engines whose accuracy is at the same level as top competitors who use server-side algorithms. The engines have been trained on large highly curated proprietary datasets, containing diverse probes. Health data obtained from optical light reflection on the face is gaining popularity in telehealth. Under proper light and technical conditions, the accuracy is excellent for the mission of and our customers. Several independent scientific studies are betting on this emerging technology for telehealth.

How secure is the virtual meeting platform?100% GDPR/HIPAA-secured. Each meeting link is password-protected and allows only one host and one guest. The password has a validity period limited to the scheduled time of the meeting. uses industry-standard 256-bit AES GCM encryption not only for audio, video, chat, and screen sharing but also for captions, behavioral and health metrics. The content can never be decrypted until it reaches the other participant’s device. Your meeting is routed through world-leading virtual meeting infrastructures, so you can enjoy the best video resolution Full HD (1080p), and audio quality 16kHz to 48kHz.

Which browsers and devices are supported?Virtually any browser and device works. However, we highly recommend Google Chrome as a web browser and devices with at least a 13-inch display. A consumer-level 1080 HD webcam or camera with frame rates above 30 fps, and a resolution above 1280 x 720 pixels would allow for a better user experience. Constant ambient light with an intensity greater than 500 lux would increase the accuracy of measurements. It is recommended to limit exaggerated body movements, especially head motion. A device's CPU Dual-core 4Ghz or higher and 8 GB RAM or higher with an internet bandwidth 6Mbps (up/down) or more are required.

Can the meeting host record the meeting and my data?Yes. In case the host starts recording, you will see a notification on your screen. If you don't agree with the recording, please leave the meeting.

Which data is recorded?The meeting host can record the session and play it back after the meeting. The record consists of video, audio, and speech. It also includes behavioral and health metrics which you have agreed to share during the meeting. These can be your attention, emotions, heart rate, etc. You can always find the exact data that you are sharing by clicking on the "heart" icon at the bottom of the screen. Nothing else apart from the data you shared will be recorded.

How secured is stored recorded data?Recording happens on the host-side, as screen recording. For security reasons, we do not record the session in the backend as competitors do. Instead, we record the host's screen, i.e. what the host is seeing and hearing, including your speech and your shared metrics. After recording, we encrypt and upload the data to our server securely. No records are kept on the host's device. Your recording is protected on our server with the highest level of encryption, accessible to the host after authentication, and only for playback as a stream. The host cannot download the recordings, nor share them with a third party. Recordings are available in a read-only, unsharable format, accessible to the host only. By agreeing to our terms of service, the host committed to keeping confidentiality and privacy over your data.

Still having questions?That is absolutely fine. Contact us via our Contact Form.

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